REAL FOOD CLUB for Willow Run Foods, P.M.A.
grass-fed farm fresh food

“I will provide grass in the fields for your cattle, and you will eat and be satisfied.”
Deuteronomy 11:5

REAL FOOD CLUB  of California has been established for the purpose of obtaining access to real unadulterated farm fresh food grown under traditional farming methods allowing animals to graze on green pasture. REAL FOOD CLUB receives farm fresh dairy, grass fed meats, lacto-fermented food, fresh breads and more from an organic farm in Pennsylvania. Willow Run Foods, P.M.A. is an Amish family farm that follows the grass-based farming principles promoted by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Their cows are on a high forage diet and are fed no grain which ensures higher quality, more nourishing and better tasting food. There are no synthetic fertilizers, hormones or antibiotics used on their farm. See our FAQ page for more details.

In order to be a part of REAL FOOD CLUB you must become a member of Willow Run Foods P.M.A., a private membership association. Please go to our Application page and download a copy of our farmer’s Membership Contract. Read and sign the Membership Contract. You will bring the original signed Membership Contract to turn in when you pick up your first order. The one time membership fee is $55. This will be given (non-refundable) as consideration for a lifetime membership contract, “lifetime” meaning the lifetime of the membership association.

Shipping and handling costs are calculated as a percentage of the subtotal of items ordered; 30% for orders under $100; 25% for orders between $100 and $200; and 20% for orders over $200. Eastern Sierra (Mammoth) shipping & handling is calculated at 30% for all orders. The club provides these foods for its members generally every three weeks on a set day depending upon each club’s location and set schedule.

We have deliveries in San Diego County, the Inland Empire (Loma Linda) and Mammoth. All orders for the San Diego County clubs (Encinitas, Poway and San Diego)  must be placed at by Wednesday at 5 PM for orders to be picked up on the second Monday after that Wednesday. Members must pick up their orders on Monday at the specified time. The Inland Empire (Loma Linda) orders must be placed by Wednesday at noon for orders to be picked up on the second Monday after that Wednesday. Eastern Sierra (Mammoth) orders are due Mondays by 9pm for delivery the second Friday following that Monday.

San Diego County members will complete their membership applications and pay their membership fees online at For all others, it is not necessary to be a member before placing your first order. The Membership Contract and $55 fee will be taken care of at the time of your first pick up. If you are unable to pick up your order at the appointed time, then we ask you not to place an order or that you send an immediate family member to pick up. We are not able to provide alternative pick up arrangements due to the size of the club and the demands on our time. Any order not picked up will still be expected to be paid for and any delinquency will mean a loss of membership in the club.

We accept cash or check only at the time of pick up. Prior to pick up, each member will be emailed an invoice (“completed order”) showing items shipped. Keep in mind that not all items are always available. Invoice totals are determined after order is filled by our farmer. Prices of items that are sold by weight will often vary from what is ordered as cuts vary. Be sure to check your email prior to writing your check. Ideally, check your inbox for your “completed order” total prior to writing your check or bring a blank check to pick-up. Returned checks will be subject to a $35 charge. In the event of continued delinquency of payment, member will forfeit membership.

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